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5 and under

$30/half hour

6 and up






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Frequently Asked Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

Who gives the lessons?

Lessons are given by one of our two trainers. Both are certified by Brandi Lyons, the daughter of "the most trusted horseman."

What does the lesson consist of?

For our 5 and under group we start by just getting them used to being around the horses and on top of them. They will learn how to brush the horse and will assist their instructor in walking the horse to and from the arena. During the riding portion of the lesson the instructor will be leading the horse around as the child learns how to hold the reins, stop the horse and ask the horse how to walk off again. They will also be learning the vocabulary that goes with riding.

For all students older than six into their adult years we start at the same place. In the beginning will start off just spending time learning about horses. Caliridge Farm believes that, when it comes to horses, it is best to start on the ground. For a beginner lesson you will start by learning how to lead, groom, and tack up your horse while being guided by one of our instructors. You will then learn how to safely mount, ride at a walk and trot, and then dismount from your horse. 

As you progress we will start challenging you to take your horsemanship to the next level. At that point you are considered an intermediate rider. At this point we will begin to work on the lope. You will also start to learn how to direct your horse with smaller movements such as; softening the mouth, directing with your seat, and foot cues. You may also begin learning how maneuver through obstacles and basic body control of the horse. 

As you continue to progress the instructors can begin to fit the lessons to the riders needs and interests.

How can I come prepared for my lesson?

  • Here at Caliridge Farm we require closed toed shoes for all people who will be riding or near the horses. Shoes with small heels are recommended but not required (ex. cowboy boots). We do not count crocs as closed toed shoes!​

  • Be sure to dress for the weather and be prepared for the weather to change.

  • We suggest sunscreen and sunglasses regardless of the season. During unfavorable weather we will ride inside but if it the weather is nice be prepared to ride outdoors. 

  • Long pants are most comfortable for riding. 

  • Water is always a necessity. (Water is also available for purchase if needed.)


Lessons: FAQ

Release Forms

All riders need to have a form filed out to participate in their lessons.

Youth Release Form

17 and under

All riders seventeen and under need this document filled out by a parent or their legal guardian to participate in their lesson. Click the arrow to download.

Adult Release Form

18 and up

All riders the age of 18 or older need to have this document filled out to participate in their lesson. Click the arrow to download.

Lessons: Files
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